The Building Services Division of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers is one of the divisions of the Institution.  One of the major functions of the Building Services Division is to organize various learned society activities pertaining to building services engineering in order to promote the advancement and exchange of technical information and ideas among members and other related societies.  These include technical visits, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and symposia, etc.  It also assists the Institution in the publication of related technical papers and journals; commenting on draft design codes, draft practice codes and draft policy papers under consultation and relating to building services issued by statutory bodies; advising on related subjects which are of public interest; and promoting the public standing and image of building services engineers.


The affairs of the Division are managed by the Division Committee, which is elected by division members.  The Committee comprises:
1. A Chairman, elected at the Divisional Annual General Meeting;
2. The Immediate Past Chairman;
3. Six to fifteen ordinary members of the Committee elected at the Divisional Annual General Meeting;
4. Three ex-officio members:
    · The Council Member (Division);
    · One representative of the Associate Members Committee nominated by that Committee;
    · One representative of the Young Members Committee nominated by that Committee.
5. Up to three co-opted members.