List of Committee

Building Services Division Committee (Session 2024/2025)

Post Name (in full)  
Chairman Ir Jimmy K LI
Immediate Past Chairman Ir Keith WP YUE
Deputy Chairman Ir John CK CHAN
Hon. Secretary Ir Marsden MS KONG
Hon. Treasurer Ir Dr Charles CK CHENG
Committee Member
(Continuing Professional Development Committee (CPDC) Representative)
Ms. Esther YT MAK

Committee Member

(CPD Coordinator)

Ir Chris CM LO
Committee Member Ir WH SE
Committee Member Ir Andy MF YUEN
Committee Member Ir Albert TH YAU
Committee Member Ir Prof. Linda F XIAO

Committee Member

Ir Annie YK CHOI
Committee Member Ms. Mandy SM WONG
Committee Member Ir Chris YS NG
Committee Member Ir SC NGAN
Committee Member Ir Derek TS CHAN
Committee Member
(Ordinary Member who is of 35 years of age or below)
Ir Kevin CT CHOW
Committee Member
(Ordinary Member who is of 35 years of age or below)
Ir Calvin KF LEUNG
Committee Member
(Ordinary Member who is of 35 years of age or below)
Ir Steven S POON

Ex-officio Member (Council Member (Division)) and

BSDAP (BSD Representative)

Ex-officio Member (AMC Representative) Mr. Daniel TS YIP
Ex-officio Member (SSC Representative) Ir Dr KC LAU '
Ex-officio Member (YMC Representative) Mr. Tom WL LUI
Co-opted Member (CIBSE Hong Kong Region) Ir Ethan POON  
Co-opted Member (ASHRAE-HKC) Ir Joe CHOW
Co-opted Member (IFE-HK) Ir Albert TH YAU
Coordinator (CIPHE-HK) Ir Jacky CY CHAN
Student Liaison Group (SLG) Chairperson Mr. Karsten LK CHAN
Student Liaison Group (SLG) Deputy Chairperson Ms. Chloe KY LIU
Observer Ir HL WOO
Observer Ir YN AU YEUNG
Observer Ir Conway WL NG
Observer Ir Kelvin KW WONG
Observer Ir Eric SM CHEUNG

Ir Dr Ernest KW TSANG


Ir Jonathan MK LEE

Observer Mr. Joseph YF KWAN
Observer Ir David TW CHAU
Observer Ir Eric KK LE
Observer Ir Franky WH CHENG
Observer Ir Sally SY LEUNG
Observer Mr. TOM YN CHAN  
Observer Ir Iris PL LAU
Observer Ir Franki CHENG
Helper Team
Mr. Billy CT MAK  
Helper Team
Ms Carmen KM YU
Helper Team
Ms Chris TK WONG