List of Committee for SLG

The affairs of the Student Liaison Group (SLG) are managed by the SLG Committee consisting of students from different tertiary institutions in Hong Kong and representatives from the Building Services Division (BSD). The Committee comprises:
1.   A Chairpersor
2.   A Deputy Chairperson
3.   A Treasurer
4.   A Secretary
5.   Maximum fifteen committee members
6.   Representatives from the BSD
7.   Advisors (Ex-committee members)
8.   Helpers

HKIE Representative / Advisor
HKIE Representative Ir Au Yeung Yiu Nam
HKIE Representative Chow Kevin Chi Tsun
Immediate Past Chairperson LUK Man, Grace
Committee Members
Chairperson YAU Shun Yan Leo PolyU / Degree Year 3
Deputy Chairperson FUNG Kwun Lun, Allen IVE / HD Year 2
Secretary LAW Ching Fung THEi / Degree Year 3
Treasurer LI Jun Wei PolyU / Degree Year 3



HO Lok San, Sunny PolyU / Degree Year 3
WONG Waichee Sirius IVE / HD Year 2
LOO Man Hon Simon CityU / Degree Year 3
LAI Tsz Kei, Terry THEi / Degree Year 4

Committee Member

LAU Cheuk Fung CityU / Degree Year 3
WONG Ho Nam CityU / Degree Year 3
YEUNG Yat Kan PolyU / Degree Year 3
CHAN Wang Kwan IVE / HD Year 2
YIM Wing Ho Vincent IVE / HD Year 2
LAI Ka Yu PolyU / Degree Year 3
CHANG Wai Lung PolyU / HD Year 2
TANG Manuel Joao THEi / Degree Year 3
YUNG Chun Fung, Michael THEi / Degree Year 3
CHAN Tsz Chung PolyU / Degree Year 3
ZHONG Lixian CityU / AD Year 2
CHENG Ka Wah CityU / AD Year 2