Date, Time & Venue
Date: 27 Septem ber 2022 to 17 November 2022
Time: 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Venue : By Webinar

Course Objectives
The course is designed to broaden knowledge of engineers in relation to Fire Services System and is useful for young engineers and practitioners who would like to refresh / acquire knowledge in the design, installation and maintenance of this system. All Guest Speakers, who are experienced / professional engineers / officers from Government, Universities, Consultants, Manufacturers, Contractors and Properties / Facilities Management etc., will present you with some practical knowledge and experience sharing.
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Per seesion of any topic For Members For others For Fulltime Tertiary Student
Fee Early Bird before
30 Aug 2022
Fee Early Bird before
30 Aug 2022
$300 $270 $320 $300 $100
Full course of 12 sessions $2,820 $2,600 $3,500 $3,240 $1,000

CPD Certificate will be issued f or each session. A Comprehensive CPD Certificate endorsed by all Organizers will be issued to the participant who has registered for the Full Course and attended 10 sessions or above.

Registration / enrollment will be on a first come first served basis (priority will be given to members of the Organiz ers ), all registrations are administered via FSICA. Please complete and send the enrollment form to FSICA by f ax (3747 3367) or by e-mail (
Registration form can be downloaded here.
Please contact FSICA - Ms. Ling Ho at Tel: 2390 6368 or e-mail:

Building Services Operation and Maintenance Executives Society (BSOMES)
The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers - CIBSE Hong Kong Region (CIBSE HKR)
The Association of Registered Fire Service Installation Contractors of Hong Kong Ltd (FSICA)
The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers - Building Services Division (HKIE-BSD) & Fire Division (HKIE-FE)
The Institution of Fire Engineers - Hong Kong Branch (IFE-HK Branch)

Organizing Committee Members
BSOMES: Ir Timothy Chu, Ir Kevin Cheng, Ir Philip Pih, Ir Chris Ting, Ir Johnson Lau, Ir Sam Lee, Ir Candy Leung, Ms. Athena Chan
CIBSE-HKB: Ir Patrick So, Ir Ivan Chan
FSICA: Mr. CM Chan, Ir Eddie Leung , Mr. George Lee, Ir Linus Hui
HKIE-BSD: Ir Jonathan Lee, Ir Albert Yau, Ir Keith Yue, Ir K F Yee, Ms. Mandy Wong
HKIE-FE: Ir Jeffrey K H Leung, Ir Anthony W K Pau, Ir K V Vong
IFE-HK: Ir Horace Lam

1. The registration / enrollment will be made on a first come first served basis. Priority will be given to members of Organizers. Student should present the proof of his/her student’s identity during the registration.
2. Early bird registration will be counted on the date of receipt of the cheque and will require full payment.
3. Please complete and send the enrollment form to FSIC A by fax (3747 3367) or by e-mail ( for reservation. Your reservation will be confirmed by e-mail. After reservation is confirmed, please mail the form, the crossed cheque plus a self addressed with enough postage envelope to FSICA, Room 1801, 18/F, Tung Wai Commercial Building, 109-111 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
4. No Debit Note will be issued. Crossed cheque should be made payable to “ The Association of Registered Fire Service Installation Contractors of Hong Kong Ltd.Ltd.” Please state the applicant’s name with contact phone no, e-mail and mark JCCC FS 2022 at the back of the cheque.
5. Registration fee(s) being paid is not refundable and not transferable.
6. The course will be conducted by Webinar, t he official receipt an d admission we binar link will be issued and e-mailed to you within 10 working days once the cheque is received. Please click the webinar link for each corresponding session in due course.
7. No CPD certificate will be awarded to individuals who arrive after 7:30pm (more than half hour late) or leave earlier than 9:00pm (more than half hour early).
8. Comprehensive CPD Certificate, endorsed by all Organizers will be issued to the participant who has reg istered for the Full Course and attended 10 sessions or abov e. Such Comprehensive CPD Certificate could be collected after session 12.
9. This Course is recognised un der the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme of the Property Management Services Authority as an “Official ” activity relating to “ 專業實務 ” in the “Core” content category. Property Management Practitioner license holders may earn [30] CPD hou rs through participating this course.
10. The Webinar shall be closed when typhoon signal no.8 or above or black rainstorm warning is hoisted after (or is announced by the Hong Kong Observatory to be hoisted at/after) 4pm. The training course will be cancelled and rescheduled and announced the details in due course.
11. The Organiz ing Committee reserves the rights to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
12. In case of any disputes, the decisions of the Organiz ing Committee shall be final and conclusive.


Session Date Key Topics Brief Content Name of Speaker (*)
Session 1
(cum opening Ceremony)
27 Sep 2022 Fire Engineering Application on Transport Interchange and High Atrium • Smoke control methods for transport interchange and atrium
• Lessons learned
• Other FSI protection
Ir Annie Choi
Ir Antony Sien
Session 2 29 Sep 2022 Cavern Fire Engineering Design • Long term strategy of cavern development
• Review of local and international cavern development
• Code of practice/guideline on cavern development around the world
• The local practice in HK on cavern development & case study

Ir Gary Au

Ir WK Pin

Ir Clayton Chan

Session 3 6 Oct 2022 Latest FSI Design • Relevant FS Ordinance / Statutory Code for system design
• Selection of firefighting system: water based, gas, detection system, active / passive fire protection
• Do / Don’t for system design / installation.
• FS interfacing with other associated system / provision

Ir Eric Lee

Ms. Vicki Tang

Session 4 11 Oct 2022 Advanced Fire Alarm Detection Technology and IOT Smoke Detector Application • Advan ced Fire Alarm Detection Technology
• Aspiration Smoke Detection update
• Fire IoT Applications
• Standalone IoT Smoke Detector
Mr. Zacky Woo
Session 5 13 Oct 2022 Dynamic Smoke Extraction, Tunnel Smoke Extraction Fan Design and Selection • FSD requirements on Smoke Extraction Fans
• Tunnel fan design
• Fan selection considerations

Mr. Louis Chi

Mr. Martin Jim

Session 6 25 Oct 2022 Passive Fire Protections - Use and Misuse of FIre Test Report and Fire Assessment Report • HOKLAS reports in construction practice
• Difference between Fire Test Report and Fire Assessment Report
• What is Fire Assessment background & requirement
• Case study
Ir Dr. Dominic W.K. Yu
Session 7 27 Oct 2022 Case Studies on Hot Smoke Test

• FSD Circular Letter No. 2/2002 synopsis
• Australia Standard AS 4391 hot smoke testing frameworks

• Testing sequence
• Hot smoke test temperature record interpretation
• Testing report content
• Case study

Mr. Happy W.H. Ng
Session 8 1 Nov 2022 Latest Technology and Standard of Sprinkler Systems • Understanding of the principles of system design, major components and the operation of sprinkler
• Knowledge of the local code / LPC rules and BS EN 12845 of sprinkler rules
• Understanding the operating l inking to other active fire protection systems
• How full scale fire link in relation to the LPC rules
Mr. Simon Yan
Mr. Victor Ng
Session 9 3 Nov 2022 Application of Fire Engineering in Hong Kong • Knowledge of local statutory requirements
• Understanding of the comparative and deterministic fire engineering approaches
• Technique in using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
• Technique in using evacuation models
• Understanding of the building evacuation and fire risk assessment
Ir Dr. Jason Yuen
Session 10 10 Nov 2022 Approach to Alternation and Addition of Fire Service Installations in Existing Buildings • Fire Service Installations (FSIs) and its Key Considerations
• FS Works involved when a Building changes in Use
• Upgrading FSIs to meet Current FSD’s requirements
• Case Sharing on Statutory Compliance for FSD Inspections in Conversion and Upgrading Projects
Ir K.K. Lam
Session 11 15 Nov 2022 Fire Safety Management Plan for Hotel Buildings • Overview of Effective Fire Safety Management Plan
• Case Sharing on Fire Safety Management for Major Renovation Projects
Mr. Tenny Kwok
Mr. Jackson Lao
Session 12
(cum Closing Ceremony)
17 Nov 2022 Best Practices for Operation and Maintenance Service of Fire Service Installations • FS O&M Best Practice s Overview,
• O& M Framework,
• Technology Initiatives,
• Case Study / Sharing
• Prepare maintenance schedule And carry out T&C record of annual inspection
• Prepare the certificates (FS251) and all related documents for FSD
Mr. Leung Ka Fung
Mr. Lo Ho Yan, Alex
Mr. Tonny Lam

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