[Report] Joint Institutions Networking Lunch

By Ir Sally Leung 

A Joint Institutions (HKIE-BSD, ASHRAE-HK Chapter, CIBSE-HK Region, IFE-HK Branch) Networking Lunch was held on the morning of 2 October 2021.

The Joint Institution Sport Tournament was jointly co-organized by the Building Services Division of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE-BSD), ASHRAE Hong Kong Chapter, CIBSE Hong Kong Region and The Institution of Fire Engineers (Hong Kong Branch) (IFE-HK Branch). Each year each institution takes turn to lead the friendly match. However, due to COVID-19, the annual event was postponed in the past years but agree to conduct through a networking lunch this year.

The event was kick started by an Opening Speech by Ir Raymond Tam (Chairman of HKIE-BSD) followed by brief introduction by Mr. Joe Chow (President-Elect of ASHRAE HK Chapter), Mr. Vincent Ma (Chair of CIBSE-HK Region) and Mr. KY Lee (President of IFE-HK Branch).

Highlight of the event was the mini group games and individual games related to table tennis conducted with networking exchange before lunch. There is also a bingo game with small gifts given to the winners. The mini games results are as below:

  • Champion: IFE-HK Branch
  • First-runner-up: HKIE-BSD
  • Second-runner-up: ASHRAE – HK Chapter
  • Third-runner up: CIBSE-HK Region

The networking lunch was ended by a closing remark by Ir Raymond Tam. All participants enjoyed a wonderful networking lunch and next time it will be led by ASHRAE HK Chapter and all of us are looking forward to it.

Photo 1: Opening speech and Closing Remark by Ir Raymond Tam, Chairman of HKIE-BSD

Photo 2: From Left to Right: Mr. Joe Chow (President-Elect of ASHRAE HK Chapter), Mr. Vincent Ma (Chair of CIBSE-HK Region), Mr. KY Lee (President of IFE-HK Branch) and Ir Raymond Tam (Chairman of HKIE-BSD) took a photo before the mini-game.

Photo 3: Game 1 - 撞板乒乓

Photo 4: Game 2 - 接力賽

Photo 5: Game 3 - 過三關

Photo 6: Game 4 – Bingo

Photo 7: Third-runner up: CIBSE-HK Region

Photo 8: Second-runner-up: ASHRAE – HK Chapter

Photo 9: First-runner-up: HKIE-BSD

Photo 10: Champion: IFE-HK Branch