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Key Achievements of Retro commissioning RCx and Introduction of RCx Casebook

Event details:
Date: 18-May-2021
Time: 14:00 - 17:30
Venue: Online webinar via Zoom
Language: Cantonese and English
Targeted Participants: Hong Kong Building Services Operation & Maintenance Engineers or staff in related disciplines

Building Services Operation and Maintenance Executive Society (BSOMES)

EMSD has published the “Technical Guidelines on Retro-commissioning” in 2017 to provide a basic procedural guideline on RCx. With the funding support of Professional Services Advancement Support Scheme (PASS), BSOMES developed a “RCx Practical Practice Casebook” as a learning tool to facilitate engineers to acquire the knowledge and skills on implementing RCx. In this seminar, RCx experts will share key achievements and experience in implementing RCx.
CPD e-Certificate will be offered for all participants. Don’t miss the opportunity and register the webinar now.

Seminar Registration:
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Opening Remarks


Ir Chris TING
Immediate Past President of BSOMES


Keynote Speech


Ir Dr Cary CHAN, JP
Executive Director of HKGBC


Casebook Sharing -
Retro-Commissioning for Chilled Water System & Condenser Water System


Ir Dr Paul SAT
Head of Research and Public Education, HKGBC


Casebook Sharing -
Retro-Commissioning for Carpark Ventilation System


The Great Eagle Properties Management Co. Ltd.


Casebook Sharing -
Retro-Commissioning for Air Handling Unit and Secondary Chilled Water Pump strategy


Mr. Timothy LOK
Senior Building Engineer,Technical Services and Sustainable Development,
SwireProperties Ltd.


CasebookSharing -
Retro-Commissioning for Fresh Air System & Building Management System


Ir Chris TING
Immediate Past President of BSOMES


Conclusion & Closing Remarks


IrJohnson LAU
President of BSOMES


Ir Dr Cary CHAN, JP is an expert on building energy efficiency by the industry. A number of his work have won international awards, which includes Client of the Year -Low Carbon Operation Award by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers in 2010.
Ir Dr. Paul Sat handled >150 energy saving measures.In 2016, he joined HKGBC and actively promote energy efficiency/ management, industry standards and practices. His current interest includes operating data analytic and diagnostic, building energy assessment & benchmarking, building performance evaluation and knowledge base energy management, retro-and re-commissioning process, use of big data, smart technologies.
Mr. Timothy Lok is responsible for the energy management,energy target setting for Swire Properties’ portfolios in both HKand Chinese mainland. He conducts RCxand Monitoring Based-Commissioning at Swire Properties’ existing buildings and is also responsible for the digitization of energy management within the company.
Ir Chris Ting has more than thirty year experiences in operation and maintenance of building services systems. He is the Past President (2018-2020) of BSOMES and is actively promoting retro-commissioning in HK and Greater Bay Area.

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