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Technical Webinar on Innovative Design and Data Analysis on Mitigating COVID-19 Dispersion Risk in Residential Buildings

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Date: 3 February 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm (Registration at 6:45pm)
Venue: Online Seminar via Zoom
Organizers: HKIE-Building Services Division & CIPHE Hong Kong Branch

There are over forty thousand buildings in Hong Kong.  Each building has more than 10 toilet vent pipes, which are used to balance the air pressure inside the pipes.  Nonetheless, these pipes mainly discharge the smell and bacteria of the excrement to the air.

As most of the buildings in Hong Kong are concentrated in the urban area, and the exhaust vent pipes located on the rooftops do not have any purification facilities, the emissions from these vent pipes has caused serious air pollution.  Hong Kong is a small city yet densely populated, these pollutants from vent pipes would certainly jeopardize our health.

Today we are living under the COVID-19 epidemic.  Almost one hundred people are infected everyday, with some of the cases having an unknown cause.  Only through improving the air quality would help us to resume a healthy life.

In this seminar, two speakers (Homer YU Sau-ning, M.H. and Carlos CHAN Wing-cheung are invited to share some innovative design (Vent Pipe Ionizer, Positive Air Pressure Attenuator (P.A.P.A.) and Air Admittance Valves (AAV)) and data analysis on mitigating COVID-19 dispersion risk in residential buildings of HK. They will share the Vent Pipe Ionizer, P.A.P.A. and AAV working principles and technique, elaborate their suppression mechanism against/ avoid airborne viruses and mold, equipment required and supplement with demonstration samples.  


Homer YU Sau-ning,  M.H. (HKSAR)
Homer YU MH is the CEO of a Corporate managing the distribution of various products to enhance the well being of his customers. Last year Homer introduced the Plasma Ions technology from USA, Korea and China into the Hong Kong market. With a great concern on the detrimental impact brought by airborne virus and bacteria, he has lately innovated a device that helps to purify the exhaust air released from the vent pipes of a building.

Carlos CHAN Wing-cheung
Carlos CHAN Wing-cheung is currently the Director or Splendor Water Fitting Limited. He is a plumbing practitioner handling many cases of problematic building drainage ventilation and improvement of instant air balancing since period of SARS to current COVID -19.

Medium of instruction:
Cantonese with English Terminology
(No material will be distributed and Q&A session in English & Chinese)

CPD Certificate:

1. One hour CPD certificate will be given one month after the seminar. 
2. For those who has applied CPD Certificate for Licensed Plumber, it will also be given one month after the seminar.

This activity for 1 CPD credit is provided by the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering – Hong Kong Branch, Accredited Provider No. 003. This CPD programme provider is accredited by the CPD Course Panel under Advisory Board on Licensing of Plumbers.
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CPD code for this event: C01-003-20210203

Please note that only accepted register participants will receive an electronic CPD certificate: i.e. sharing of the register link to others are prohibited and HKIE BSD reserves the right to disqualify and terminate those non-properly registered participants to attend the Seminar.

Registration & Enquiry:

The Technical Seminar is free of charge and prior registration is required. For registration, please register ONLINE via the website of HKIE (BSD) - The maximum number of participants is 300. Those successful participants are requested to attend the Seminar by their own. Application will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis with priority given to the two co-organisers’ members. Successful members will be informed by email few days before the event with a link for pre-registration. A zoom meeting link will be received after the pre-registration. Transfer or sharing of the registration is prohibited.

To facilitate the time efficient, registration will be done when entering the Seminar so please click on the zoom meeting link and type in your membership number follow by your name (same as the registration name) when joining the online session on event day.

If you would apply for credits of the Voluntary Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme for LP under Water Supplies Department, please make sure you have provided a valid Plumber Licence Number. Attendance will be automatically recorded at zoom, Certificate only be issued to whom with full webinar attendance.

For HKIE members, please contact Ir Sally Leung at 9636 8299 or email to for any enquiry.

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