BSD Event Reports

Latte Art Workshop

The Latte Art Workshop was successfully held on 21 March 2024, attracting a vibrant group of around 20 enthusiastic members who came to learn, have fun and find peace after work. The two-hour workshop aimed to provide members with a comprehensive experience, allowing them to learn and explore various techniques for crafting exquisite latte art under the guidance of experienced instructors, while also encouraging them to gather and exchange ideas with other members under the relaxing environment. 

The workshop began with an introduction to the basics of latte art. Members learned about the essential tools, materials, and techniques used in latte art creation. This session provided them with the knowledge and confidence to embark on their own latte art journey. 

Following that, by using basic manual tools, and with the assistance of the instructors, members swiftly acquired the skills needed to create 2D and 3D latte art. They were all impressed by how quickly they learned the new skill and were able to create lovely 3D cats floating on the coffee. It was an opportunity for them to showcase their creativity and produce unique patterns that reflected their personal style. 

A highlight of the workshop was the relaxing atmosphere that permeated the entire event. Members were able to temporarily escape from their busy lives and fully immerse themselves in the pleasurable process of crafting lattes. The laid-back environment made it easy for everyone to socialize, connect, and make new friends. It provided an excellent setting for building relationships and enjoying a good time together. 

It was a pleasant evening of networking among members. The workshop served as an ideal platform for fostering relationships and creating joyful memories together. In the future, the Building Services Division plan to organize more social activities to promote member exchanges and offer different types of experiences for the members. Don’t forget to follow our social media channels on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook at: “HKIEBSD” to stay in touch with us. 

By Ir Calvin LEUNG, Ms Esther MAK and Ms Carmen YU