BSD Event Reports

The Technical Seminar on the Excellent Building Award Winning Project Sharing - Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC)

The Technical Seminar on the "Excellent Building Award Winning Project Sharing - Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC)" organized by HKIE Building Services Division (BSD) was successfully conducted on August 28, 2023 in HKIE EngHub, with over 250 members joining physically and online. The AMC, recipient of the "Year of Excellent Award - New Building" in the Excellent Building Award 2023 organized by HKIE BSD, is located in TKO INNOPARK. It serves as the pilot initiative of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) for re-industrialization, aiming to anchor advanced manufacturing industries and promote innovation commercialization in Hong Kong. 

During the seminar, guest speakers - Mr. James Li and Mr. Wilson Lee from Gammon E&M Limited, Mr. Franky Shum from HKSTP, and Mr. Lai Chi Hung from Wong & Ouyang (Building Services) Ltd. discussed various aspects of design, planning, and construction, highlighting the innovative methodologies employed in the development of the AMC. Mr. James Li and Wilson Lee highlighted the innovative techniques used, such as large-scale Design for Manufacture and Assembly-Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (DfMA-MiMEP) techniques, precast double-tee concrete slabs, facade glass walls and cladding, cascading planters, and a link-bridge to DT-HUD. Mr. Lai also discussed the building services and sustainability features, including a large-scale smoke extraction system, Class B vibration floating floors, a seawater district cooling system, photovoltaic panel system, biodiesel generators, and rainwater harvesting and recycling. Despite facing challenges during construction, Mr. Franky Shum declared that the AMC project successfully achieved its mission of connecting physical and digital works for smart manufacturing. 

The discussion among guest speakers and members during the Q&A session was fruitful. The seminar provided attendees with a deeper understanding of cutting-edge practices in the construction industry and showcased the remarkable accomplishments of the AMC project. It served as a platform for knowledge sharing and highlighted the innovative design, planning, and smart construction methodologies that contributed to the project's success. 

Last but not least, on behalf of HKIE BSD, Ms. Esther Mak presented the appreciation certificate to sincerely thank the guest speakers for delivering such an informative presentation to our members.

By Ms Esther MAK